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Did you know that inflammation can actually be good for you? But before we get into that, let’s talk about inflammation in general. Inflammation occurs when your body detects an “offending” agent like bacteria, viruses, or toxins. If one of these are detected, our immune system is turned on, which sends out the “first responders”: inflammatory cells and cytokines. These cells then recruit other types of inflammatory cells to get rid of the offending agent and start healing any injured tissue. … Read More

Microneedling and PRP

Jan 17, 2023
The rumor is true--we are now offering facials! Well, sort of. As many of you know, we love using regenerative medicine, such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP), to help with healing and repair of injuries. This has allowed many of our patients to prolong or even put off surgery. And now, we are offering regenerative medicine to help slow down the signs of aging through microneedling. With the use of tiny needles, microneedling encourages new collagen and elastin growth. Collagen is one of the main… Read More

Dry Needling

Jan 10, 2023
One of the many therapies that we use in the office is dry needling. Dry needling involves the usage of a small needle into the muscle at a trigger point in order to cause the muscle to contract and then release to help improve the flexibility of the muscle and decrease symptoms. We call it dry needling because there is nothing being injected through the needle. Dry needling can be a great therapy for acute or chronic pain throughout the whole body. We are happy to announce that Dr. Sky and Dr. … Read More

Lifting Properly

Dec 06, 2022
With the holidays approaching, that means there will be lots of decorating! Unfortunately for most of us that means we’ll be lifting and moving boxes and getting into tight spaces like the basement or attic storage. Here at Arvada Sport and Spine Group, we want you to stay out of pain with these tasks so take a look at a few of these lifting pointers before you start decorating! Don’t be afraid to ask for help! If the load you are about to lift is too heavy for one person, go for the team lift … Read More

Vitamin B12

Nov 29, 2022
Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, is an essential nutrient that plays a role in many systems of our body. It is part of red blood cell formation, nerve function, production of DNA, and cell metabolism. Vitamin B12 is naturally found in meats (fish and chicken included) and dairy products. Vitamin B12 is added to fortified breakfast cereals and fortified nutritional yeasts. There are certain groups of individuals who may be more prone to Vitamin B12 deficiency. People who are vegetarians and… Read More

Achilles Tendonitis

Nov 15, 2022
One common injury in the lower body that we regularly see as healthcare providers is Achilles Tendonitis. This often presents as a pain in lower part of the calf that occurs with walking, standing, squatting, and other daily activities. The Achilles Tendon is located in the lower leg and attaches the calf muscles into the heel. Achilles Tendonitis is when that tendon becomes inflamed and irritated, often through injury or overuse. This causes inflammation to occur at the area, which can result … Read More


Nov 01, 2022
Scoliosis is defined as the sideways, also called coronal, curvature of the spine. The diagnosis of scoliosis begins at a curvature measurement of 10 degrees or greater. It is most commonly diagnosed in childhood and can worsen as children grow. Approximately 80 percent of scoliosis cases are considered idiopathic- meaning there is no known cause. While both girls and boys can be diagnosed with scoliosis, it is more common for girls to have a curve that worsens over time. Doctors often use x-ray… Read More

Headaches can be a real pain, especially when it comes to migraines. Here are a few facts that can clue you in on whether you are experiencing a migraine.While many people suffer from migraines, their cause isn’t fully known- It is thought that genetics and environment do play a role. Genetically, migraines often run in the family, but are more common in women. A number of triggers also play a role including hormonal changes, sleep changes, foods, drinks, increased physical activity, and medicat… Read More

It’s time to go back to school, which means it’s time to possibly get your children a new backpack and decide what to fill it with. Back pain in children is on the rise and there are some beliefs that part of the problem is due to heavy or ill-fitting backpacks. There are a few things to consider when picking out a backpack, deciding how much to put in it, and teaching your children how to properly wear them. Backpacks should be no more than 10-15% of your children’s bodyweight. A backpack that… Read More

Yellow- Menisci, Blue- PCL and ACL, Red- Medial and lateral collateral ligamentsKnee pain is something that is commonly treated in our office. The pain can be located anywhere in or near the knee- the front, back, medially, and laterally. To better understand where our knee pain is coming from, I think that starting with the anatomy of the knee is beneficial!The structure of the knee joint is made up of 3 main bones which are the femur (the thigh bone), the tibia (the shin bone), and the patella… Read More