Lifting Properly

Dec 06, 2022

With the holidays approaching, that means there will be lots of decorating! Unfortunately for most of us that means we’ll be lifting and moving boxes and getting into tight spaces like the basement or attic storage. Here at Arvada Sport and Spine Group, we want you to stay out of pain with these tasks so take a look at a few of these lifting pointers before you start decorating!

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help! If the load you are about to lift is too heavy for one person, go for the team lift approach. If you don’t have anyone handy to help, unload it little by little.
  • Lift with your legs- keep your feet shoulder width apart, bend at the knees without rounding your back, and keep your core muscles tight.
  • Don’t twist when lifting. Rotation in lumbar flexion, aka turning at the hips while you are bent over, is one of the classic ways to injure a disc if the load you are lifting (storage boxes) is too heavy. It’s better to keep the load close to you and turn your entire body with your feet leading the pivot.
  • Put down the object the same way you lifted it or find a bench or table to place it on that’s a little higher.

If by chance you do hurt yourself with the holiday festivities or if you need a little reminder on the proper way to lift or brace your core, give us a call at Arvada Sport and Spine group and let our clinicians show you the right way to stay out of pain.

Category: back pain