Arvada Sport and Spine Reviews

Read real Arvada Sport & Spine reviews and testimionals from our clients.  We love positive feedback!  Let us know how we have helped you.

"Dr. Welling and Erin, PT are amazing! They truly care and it shows. I would recommend them to anyone!"

--Julie W.

"Performing simple life tasks didn't hurt anymore, my sleep was much more restful and I was able to start playing baseball and toss a frisbee again with my kiddo. Arvada Sport and Spine Group's doctors and practitioners are kind, compassionate and willing to meet you where you are in your health journey. I can't recommend them highly enough.""

--Molly M.
Arvada, CO

"Arvada Sport and Spine is AMAZING! I can't tell you how often I refer my family and friends to them- my husband and I have been seeing the doctors and physical therapists now for over 10 years- I love how they get to the root of the problem instead of slapping a brace on and giving pain meds. They work with the bones AND the muscles, and give you exercises with good instructions to work on and help restore your body. Not a 'crack and go' style chiropractor! Highly recommend this office!"

--Lindsay S.

"Years ago I started having trouble with my lower back. I saw many chiropractors. No one seemed to be able to help me. Dr. Welling suggested that he do dry needling. After only a few visits he was able to help me. That was years ago and I am still doing well. I would highly recommend Dr. Welling and his associateds. They are up to date and highly informed on the current techniques. I would say that their number one goal is to find a cure rather than just a bandaid. Thanks Dr. Welling!"

--Connie P.

"The first thing I tell people when I talk about Arvada Sport and Spine Group is, it is NOT your normal chiropractor and PT office. They dig in and find answers for YOU. You are not just another patient to them, you are THEIR patient with specific needs."

--Kristie S.
Arvada, CO

"I've always seen Dr. Welling for all my chiropractic issues over the years. Really nice they have a physical therapist on staff now too to do physical therapy. The office staff here is friendly and always helpful. I'd recommend them to anyone."

--Matthew S.

"Dr. Andrew Welling is a tremendous functional chiropractor that has helped me with lower back and neck issues. While other chiropractors only manipulate, Andrew gets at the soft tissue and functional issues to stabilize and fix the underlying problem. Erin has been great for physical therapy to support this process. Thanks for making me whole."

--Roger C.

"It was clear from the beginning that there was an understanding of how both chiropractic and physical therapist care would work together following my hip surgery to get me back to an active lifestyle. 6 months post-op and I am now able to do everything that I had dreamed of doing a few years ago.

Britt is amazing, she takes the time to not only do adjustments, but also do soft tissue work that is incredibly helpful in keeping my body functioning properly. Erin was incredible throughout my entire post-op physical therapy. It was clear from day one that while she was following the surgeon's protocol, she was also personalizing my treatment to how my body was healing."

--Malinda R.
Arvada, CO

"I've come here for physical therapy twice in the past year or so for my back pain and my knee and have had such great results I had to write a review. I play a lot of sports and am very active so it was important to find someone with a sports medicine background who understood my body. I was lucky to find these doctors right here in Arvada. Steve treated my entire body, not just my injury. It was nice to find someone who takes the extra time and effort. I'll continue to come here for my physical therapy needs and recommend them to friends who need physical therapy too."

--Greg C.