Arvada Massage Therapy Membership and Massage Specials

Join our Wellness Massage Membership Club and receive more! 

$85 Wellness Massage - 60 minute monthly massage

$125 VIP Wellness Massage - 90 minute monthly massage

Welcome to a World of Wellness: Massage Membership Benefits

At Arvada Sport and Spine Group, we believe in the restorative power of regular massages to enhance your well-being and elevate your lifestyle. Discover the incredible benefits of making massage a consistent part of your overall wellness-care routine and why becoming a valued member is the key to unlocking exclusive perks.

Why Choose a Massage Membership?

Consistent Wellness:

  • Regular massages promote relaxation, reduce stress, and contribute to overall well-being and more.

Savings & Exclusive Discounts:

  • Enjoy members-only discounts on massage sessions and exclusive promotions throughout the year.

Customized Care:

  • Tailored massage plans to address your specific needs and health goals.

Earn and Redeem Points:

  • Accumulate points with every visit, referral, and more.
  • Redeem points for complimentary sessions, premium upgrades, and exclusive discounts.

Flexible Terms:

  • One year and flex membership options. Easy 30-day notice to cancel.

Exclusive Member Discounts:

Member-Only Pricing:

  • Enjoy discounted rates on all massage sessions.

Add-On Services Discount:

  • Receive Special Pricing on additional wellness services like CBD, hot stones, or cupping sessions: $5 off
  • Massage Gift Certificates for Family and Friends: Receive 5% discount

How the Points System Works:

Earning Points:

  • Sign Up Bonus: 50 points for enrolling
  • Book a Massage Online: 50 points per online booking
  • Refer a Friend: 500 points per referred friend
  • Special Events/Promotions: Bonus points announced per event

Redeeming Points:

  • Complimentary Add-On: 500 points
  • Upgrade to a 90 minute VIP Massage: 1000 points
  • Complimentary 30 minute massage: 1500 points
  • Complimentary 60 minute massage: 3000 points

* If earned points are not redeemed prior to canceling membership, those points will be forfeited. 

How to Sign Up:

Becoming a member is easy! Simply call our office at 303-424-9549.  Our friendly staff is also available to assist you in person at our office.

Ready to prioritize your well-being? Join our massage membership program today and experience the incredible journey of regular massages. Your path to relaxation, rejuvenation, and rewards awaits


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