S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Jan 23, 2020

Starting a new year (a new decade!) is a great time to reassess and make plans. What do you want to accomplish this year? More importantly, how do you ensure that your momentum towards a goal doesn’t fizzle out February 1st ? Instead of making a general resolution like “This year I am going to be healthier” make a SMART goal! Here’s how:

Specific: Clear and concise. What do I want to accomplish? When do I want to accomplish this? Why do I want to accomplish this? Examples: I will get a gym membership and attend 4 days per week. I will eat at least 1 serving of vegetables with each meal. I will lose 15 pounds.

Measurable: How do you know if you reached your goal? How much or how many? As in the examples above, don’t just say “I will go to the gym.” Give yourself a weekly goal of days and time. Three- 30 min cardio sessions per week.

Achievable: Is my goal realistic? Do I have the means (time, money, etc.) to achieve this goal? Can you answer this important question: How can I achieve this goal?

Relevant: Is this goal appropriate for this time in your life? Is this a worthwhile goal? Will this benefit my life or others in my life?

Timely: Have a clear start and end date. If you have a lofty goal, set several short-term goals along the way. Celebrate each success and it will fuel your desire to continue. A long-term goal can become daunting and feel unachievable otherwise.

More tips: Be cautious of setting goals that someone else has control over. For example, “I will gain the skills and education to be qualified for a promotion” vs. “I will get promoted this year.”