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HIIT, known as high-intensity interval training, is one of the most important new exercise approaches that has been introduced in decades. Why? Because it’s a workout that can be done in 20 minutes but yet has an abundance of physical benefit such as: build muscle, regulates insulin, cut fat and increases heart function, and it increases the function of the mitochondria in our cells (the battery packs of the cell). A typical HIIT workout could consist of: 30 sec. of maximum/intensity aer… Read More

Six out of 10 adults have a chronic disease and four in 10 adults have two or more chronic diseases. Worse yet, our life expectancy has also dropped – for the third year in a row – with heart disease and cancer being the top two leading causes of death in the United States. Einstein perfectly described what is going on with current healthcare as insanity--doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. This is why we are happy to announce we will be offering a different appro… Read More

If you are suffering from conditions such as myofascial pain syndrome, tension headaches, chronic muscle tightness, fibromyalgia, low back pain, arthritis, neck pain, or shoulder pain– Trigger Point Injections (TPI) may be the answer for you. Research has shown over the years that trigger point injections provide significant pain relief from these debilitating disorders, especially if integrated with chiropractic and/or physical therapy. Along with our other services, Arvada Sport and Spine Gro… Read More

Home Office Ergonomics

Aug 17, 2020
Many of you have found yourselves working from home for awhile now. How is your body holding up? Feeling any low back pain? Having headaches? Elbow or wrist pain? The prolonged change in your work environment may be to blame. Here is a quick check list to make sure you are working in the best position for your body.Chair: Your chair should support all the curves in your spine. If you need added support you can grab a towel, make a roll and place it behind your lumbar spine (low back). Also p… Read More

The vestibular symptom is a sensory system that tell us if we are moving, where our head is positioned and gives us spatial orientation. This is important for us to keep our balance and posture, particularly while we are moving. The vestibular system is comprised of fluid filled canals and organs in our inner ear. Crystals located in the inner ear, which are normally held in place, may become loose and dislodged into one of the canals. When there is a change in fluid density or change in the flo… Read More

Sometimes your source of pain is indeed where you feel it. There was probable tissue trauma from a specific event you can recall and there now resides pain and inflammation where the damage happened. These are easier cases to understand. What about that ongoing nagging pain you have that came out of nowhere? You didn’t “injure” your shoulder specifically that you can recall. Does that mean your shoulder pain stems from a shoulder dysfunction? Maybe. Maybe not. Of course, nothing works in isolat… Read More

High Level Class IV Laser Successfully Used to Treat Meniscus Pain Here at Arvada Sport and Spine Group we see many conditions of the lower extremities, particularly conditions in knees. The type of problem producing the pain can be anything from an acute injury like sprain/strain of the knee, to a more chronic knee pain that has been present to some degree for years. Even these more chronic knee issues usually stem from a particular incident years ago where the patient remembers doing somethi… Read More

Shoulder impingement syndrome is a generalized term to refer to pain and pathology due to compression of tendons and soft tissue in the shoulder region. Most commonly the diagnosis is referring to subacromial impingement where the space between the acromion and the humeral head is narrowed (see picture below). This frequently entraps tendons of the rotator cuff muscles (particularly supraspinatus and infraspinatus) and/or the long head of the biceps brachii. Typically, you will have pain with … Read More

​Ahhhh, WATER

May 25, 2020
You’ve heard it before, many of us don’t drink enough water. It’s constantly encouraged yet most of us are still deficient and don’t consume enough. Instead we turn to more flavorful drinks that may fulfill our palate, but don’t meet our needs. Water is important because it provides the medium our blood needs to transport nutrients and waste products. This is how so many reactions can occur in our body because of blood circulation and its medium, water. Water also serves as a catalyst to… Read More

Image by mohamed Hassan from PixabayBack pain can be very debilitating and stressful. Particularly when you don’t know what is going on. Here is a quick comparison of two of the most common injuries. Disc injury Types of disc herniations: Protrusion: disc material (nucleus pulposus) bulges outward into the outer cartilage ring (annulus fibrosis) without damage to the annulusProlapse: the nucleus pulposus bulges into the annulus and there is some damage to the annulusExtrusion: the nucleus bre… Read More