Have Neck Pain? Try Our New Cervical Therapy Collar!

Nov 09, 2021

Arvada Sport and Spine Group has a new tool for those suffering from neck pain, headaches, and other upper cross symptoms. The newest addition to our office is the Aspen Vista Cervical Collar. This collar is intended to help support you by creating a more natural curve in your neck. The collar does this by retracting your neck and begins to aid in engaging muscles in the neck that can weaken over time. The collar can also help take off stress from your cervical vertebra, discs, and nerves which can help reduce symptoms of neck pain and radiation into the upper extremities. Even if you don’t have severe neck pain, this collar could also be beneficial to individuals who notice the “hunching over” effect- head falling forward, rounding of your mid-back, and strain on the muscles in the back of the neck.

Once this collar has been fitted to you, using it at home should be easy. A pump in the front will allow for retraction of your head, and a release button will bring your neck back to its original position. There is a removable pack on the back of the collar that can be used for heat or cold. The intended use of this collar is to be worn at home for 20 minutes at a time, twice per day. Ask one of our providers at Arvada Sport and Spine Group to fit you for the collar and see what you think!

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