​Cervical Radiculopathy

Mar 01, 2021

Cervical Radiculopathy

What is it?

Impingement or irritation of nerves in the cervical spine causing symptoms down the arm. This can be pain, numbness/tingling or weakness. Can be due to a cervical disc injury or arthritis in the joints. Could be due to a specific injury or degeneration over time.

How can physical therapy and chiropractic help?

An individualized evaluation will reveal dysfunctions in mobility, motor control, strength or all of the above. Manual therapy techniques can improve both joint and tissue restrictions. We will evaluate posture and stability in order to improve movement patterns. An individualized treatment plan will also include appropriate stretching and strengthening activities in order to restore full function. We will evaluate your activities and provide modifications if necessary. Your treatment plan will focus on your goals to return to daily duties or recreational activities in a safe and pain-free way.