Time to go Play in the Snow

Nov 13, 2019

With our recent increase in winter weather the majority of the ski resorts have opened early this year! Before you hit the slopes let’s chat about a few of the most common winter sport injuries and how we can attempt to prevent them.

  • Knees

We all have a friend (or are that friend) that has had a crazy fall that has resulted in a knee injury. Most commonly we see ACL, MCL or meniscus tears. Usually due to a fall from an awkward landing or your body going in a different direction than your boots. Although we can never completely prevent a fall, working on strengthening your gluts and glut med muscles can aid in stabilizing your knees.

  • Ankles

Particularly with skiing in ill fitted bindings, ankle sprains and even ankle fractures can occur. Most importantly always check your bindings! Secondly include lots of proximal chain strengthening (gluts, quads, hamstrings) into your land-based workouts. Make sure to throw in some balance and unstable surface training as well.

  • Shoulder/upper extremity

The common reaction when we fall is to reach our arm out to catch ourselves. This may result in fractures in the wrist, clavicle or “skiers thumb.” Ignore the looks and practice falling. Attempt to roll and keep your arms in close to your body. In your workouts focus on core strengthening and stabilization (NOT SITUPS!) both statically and dynamically. Also working on improving your fitness level will help prevent falls due to fatigue.

If you have questions on what exercises would be appropriate for you, talk to your provider at your next treatment. Have fun out there!