​Oh My Aching Feet

Jun 05, 2023

As many of you know we are using shockwave therapy in our office to treat a variety of conditions. Today I’m going to address the use of shockwave therapy for foot pain. I will tell you that in my 17 years of practice I have not seen anything quite so effective at helping people get rid of their ongoing foot pain. We have many patients who have dealt with achy feet for years and years who are reporting relief and even complete resolution from their chronic pain. In fact, many of them are returning to activities such as skiing, gardening, walking the dog, hiking and others that they have had to avoid for years as a result of their pain.

One of the most powerful aspects of our radial pulse shockwave instrument is that it is not only therapeutic, it is also diagnostic. What this really means is that it helps us find your trouble spots so that we can be a little more precise with our treatment. Very often we will find a couple of spots in the foot that need to be treated and they ARE NOT located where the patient tends to feel most of the pain that is common to them. Once we identify these spots and treat them, we find that this chronic pain regularly reduces in a significant way, and most often completely resolves.

When we use shockwave, we apply penetrating waves of sound energy into your tissue. While most healthy tissue elicits no pain, when we find areas that have scar tissue, lesions, or other types of injury it feels achy. As we treat these areas a healing response is triggered. Often there are new blood vessels created that bring more blood and nutrition to the injured area, along with other healing mechanisms.

Shock wave treatments are non-invasive and can dramatically lessen pain in your feet and other areas like your knees, elbows, and shoulders. It is a great alternative for people who do not want to treat their pain with drugs and surgery. Many times it is used in conjunction with other treatments like physical therapy, and chiropractic

It is safe with very little risk or downside. It is possible you could feel a bit sore after treatment but most people don’t tend to feel this way in fact they feel better. In most instances it takes about 6 sessions to treat fully. Some will need less, and some will need a few more, but most will need 6.

Like many effective treatments it is not covered by insurance. While it is common to find this treatment offered for thousands of dollars we are able to do it for much less. Currently we treat regions for $75 each which usually equates to full treatment regimens for around $450 per region.

Like all things in healthcare there are no guarantees but I can tell you we have seen great success with this treatment here in our clinic.

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