High Level Class IV Laser Successfully Used to Treat Meniscus Pain

Jun 15, 2020

High Level Class IV Laser Successfully Used to Treat Meniscus Pain

Here at Arvada Sport and Spine Group we see many conditions of the lower extremities, particularly conditions in knees. The type of problem producing the pain can be anything from an acute injury like sprain/strain of the knee, to a more chronic knee pain that has been present to some degree for years. Even these more chronic knee issues usually stem from a particular incident years ago where the patient remembers doing something that gave them knee pain. This pain from the initial onset may have completely gone away only to return in months or even years.

The history of chronic knee pain scenario is my story. My knee pain actually was rooted in an injury occurring when I was playing football in high school. Ligament and meniscus injury were present but not bad enough for surgery. After the cast was removed, I went to the weight room to try and “re-strengthen” my knee until I felt that the musculature looked like the other knee. No formal or thorough knee rehabilitation was even advised. Due to the lack of good, tight ligament integrity in the knee it remained dysfunctional in the sense that it never really regained proper strength, range of motion and balance that was present previously. Therefore, the gradual knee wear-and-tear (degeneration) began at a much more rapid rate in the “bad” knee as compared to the uninjured one.

After a few more “re-injuries” of the same knee, each worse than the last, Dr Welling suggested I use the Class IV Laser on the knee just to “see what would happen.” I used the Laser every-other-day for two weeks and then once per week for an additional 2-3 weeks. In addition to the laser treatments, I took a product called CollaGen, by Ortho Molecular, which aided my body’s process of cartilage, ligament and fascia repair.

I could tell after the first few treatments that my knee was feeling much better. This was two years ago. Even now, I will use the laser for a “maintenance treatment" if I ever feel it starting to get sore again. I went from being somewhat skeptical, to a full-blown believer in what the Class IV laser can accomplish in areas of the body that have not been normal for a long time.

The Class IV Laser emits energy in the infrared spectrum to provide a deep, penetrating heat. The laser will help relieve joint pain, spasm in muscles as well as the pain and stiffness associated with degenerative arthritis. It also increases local deep blood circulation substantially helping back muscle relaxation. In essence, it steps up the healing process at the cell level.

I really believe that using the laser helped to prevent me from visiting the surgeon’s office.

If you or anybody you know has issues like I had, tell them to call us for an evaluation of their problem and to see if the laser would be helpful for them.

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Dr. Gary Spears, D.C., F.I.A.M.A